Ebook: Therapy Dogs Today - Their Gifts, Our Obligation - 2nd Edition

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Kris Butler
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Funpuddle Publishing Associates
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Therapy Dogs Today explores the complex issues that surround the environments in which therapy dogs do their jobs. Ever since the first edition of Therapy Dogs Today was published in 2004, readers have been asking for more from this insightful author. The second edition of Therapy Dogs Today is finally here!

This edition of Therapy Dogs Today contains the fundamental wisdom and some of the stories from the original version while interweaving the latest issues and trends for therapy dogs and their handlers. Reorganized, changed, and with additional material, the second edition of Therapy Dogs Today relates to new roles created for today's dogs as only Kris Butler can.

Therapy Dogs Today, 2nd Edition is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about the impact that therapy dogs can have on the human healing process - and the impact that same process can have on the dogs. Kris butler is wise to the ways of dogs and the people who love them. Therapy Dogs Today, 2nd Edition reflects the depth of her continuing commitment to manually satisfying experiences when dogs work or volunteer in our evolving worlds of healthcare and education.

What experts are saying about Therapy Dogs Today, 2nd Edition:
Beyond excellent, the second edition of Therapy Dogs Today is compassionate and clear, and should be read and re-read by anyone interested in doing therapy work with their dog. Butler combines warmth and experience to remind us how very much we sometimes expect of dogs, and the importance of celebrating their gifts while reminding ourselves that all dogs can not be all things to all people.
Patricia McConnell, PhD, CAAB, author For the Love of a Dog and presenter on Lending a Helping Paw DVD on therapy dogs