Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight

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Dr. Tom Lonsdale
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Behind the glossy ads and hype of the pet care industry lies an inconvenient truth: the industrial diets we feed our dogs and cats are causing a global epidemic of sickness and suffering.

From tartar-encrusted teeth and stinking breath to weakened immunity and a host of diseases, our pets are being harmed by the highly processed 'junk pet food' we place in their bowls.

Manufacturers and vets selectively disregard scientific facts, pushing money-making products and services that cost us billions and, ultimately, our pets their lives.

It's a fraud of epic proportions.

Based on decades of rigorous research and astute observation, Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud by whistleblower vet and natural feeding advocate Dr Tom Lonsdale provides the tools and guidance to help you keep your pets healthy and happy.

It explains why raw meaty bones are both nutritious and nature's medicine, supported by a wealth of case studies and testimonials from grateful pet owners.

And it exposes the shameful failings of pet food manufacturers, veterinary practices and veterinary schools intent on keeping us in the dark.

It's time to blow away the smokescreen for your pet's and wallet's sake. Are you ready?

Dr Lonsdale graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London in 1972. And thus began a varied career in veterinary medicine commencing as a volunteer in Nairobi, Kenya followed by work in farm animal, zoo animal and small animal private practice in the United Kingdom. In 1980 he emigrated to Australia and established a group of mixed animal veterinary clinics in Western Sydney.

In the early years Dr Lonsdale adhered to conventional veterinary teaching and practice. However by the late 1980s his career took a different turn. Together with veterinary colleagues, dubbed the Raw Meaty Bones Lobby, a new perception, a new set of values took hold. It became clear to Dr Lonsdale that the modern fashion of feeding dogs and cats industrial, highly processed products was in fact the reason a majority of domestic carnivores suffer from putrid breath and a host of diet related diseases. By changing his patients' diet from packaged food to a diet of raw meaty bones puppies and kittens gained a new vitality. Old dogs and cats gained a new lease on life.

Dr Lonsdale took up the challenge by blowing the whistle on the pet food industry/veterinary profession/fake animal welfare alliance. From 1991 to the present he has been the leader of the Raw

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    Multi Billion Dollar Pet Food Fraud

    Posted by Semirah Darwin on 12th Sep 2023

    Following the publication of his two previous books Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health and Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones, veteran whistleblower Dr Tom Lonsdale returns with Multi Billion Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight - an eye opening exposé of the junk pet food industry’s stranglehold over veterinary schools, veterinarians, regulators and the media.

    For the past thirty years, Lonsdale has sought to get his message out to the public - processed pet food is shortening our pets’ lives with its worldwide popularity a direct result of the infiltration of veterinary schools by the junk pet food producers. According to Lonsdale, the best diet for a dog or cat consists of a species appropriate diet of raw meaty bones.

    His book is at times a compelling yet alarming read. Can the assault on our pets by the gigantic fast food corporations really be stopped? Lonsdale provides an update to his lifelong quest to somehow stop the rot and offers solutions to turn the tide against the alliance between the pet food conglomerates and their salesmen-turned-veterinarians.

    Pointing to a lack of accepted research on what a dog or cat should be eating, Lonsdale claims that the pet fast food industry, enabled by the veterinary profession and regulators, conspires to ensure that no research would ever emerge that would threaten its reputation and prepackaged pet food products. The only evidence that is available serves to protect the influence of the kibble manufacturers.

    Lonsdale launches a blistering critique of the veterinary schools, pouring scorn and derision on their tie ups with the dried food mega institutions which facilitate a steady stream of indoctrinated young veterinarians to enter the work force and plug their processed products to an unsuspecting public.

    Could perhaps the professors and lecturers at the veterinary schools be more likely to resist such malign influence? Lonsdale asserts that, unsurprisingly, academia does not dare bite the hand that feeds them, such is the pervasive power of the dry and canned pet food companies over the veterinary schools. In order to prosper, the convenience pet food monopoly requires willing salespeople with young veterinary students being ideal trainees.

    Lonsdale heaps blame on the veterinary schools for allowing this undesirable situation to exist and laments the fact that students are not taught much else other than opening a bag of dry pellets and pouring out the contents, frightened by talk of bacteria and food safety for humans, rather than animals. With no theory, no practical know how and no experience of natural feeding, is it any surprise that impressionable young students do not want to rock the boat and challenge their superiors?

    Lonsdale notes that the human medical and dental professions extol the benefits of an unprocessed diet while the veterinary profession bizarrely touts the exact opposite. Doesn’t that bother anyone just a little bit? Maybe the regulators? What about veterinary schools? Perhaps veterinarians themselves? No one is keen to rock the status quo. Does this unhealthy level of sponsorship by the kibble producers not represent a massive conflict of interest, Lonsdale asks.

    Lonsdale’s controversial claim that the artificial pet food industry in cahoots with the veterinary profession is responsible for the mass poisoning of domestic pets is backed up by his Freedom of Information requests and detailed correspondence with various regulatory bodies and veterinary schools. Those who dare to speak out against this collusion are dismissed as Lonsdale found out when he was expelled from the Australian Veterinary Association.

    The internet, TV, radio and print media, fuelled by advertising revenue from the junk pet food business, reinforce its message and are unwilling to promote a raw meaty bones diet as that would jeopardise their advertising revenue stream and upset their paymasters.

    Critics counter that, well, the similar problem of collusion between Big Pharma and the medical profession exists on the human side too but Lonsdale argues that government departments tend to regulate most of the unhealthy pharma excesses - human doctors do not retail fast food in their waiting rooms. Perhaps surprisingly, Lonsdale also takes aim at the BARFers because although they do succeed in getting dogs off dry food, they then credit all the health improvements to their processed raw products, which he thinks is misplaced.

    With the kibble giants being public enemy number one, Lonsdale invokes a David vs. Goliath style battle and makes the case that owners should expose the corruption and wage war against the system on behalf of their pets. The other side has lawyers, marketing propagandists, psychologists and political lobbyists to promote their message. Vast amounts of advertising revenue buy them flattering pieces in the compliant media. How can the mere pet owner possibly effect any change in the face of such an onslaught?

    Lonsdale’s work is essentially a call to arms. In his view it is imperative that a revolution must occur. He has been banging the drum for pets the past four decades - has anything really changed? Yes - there is more awareness of the harm that convenience food can do to dogs, but at the same time the pet food trade has doubled down its efforts to suppress any discussion on the benefits of a raw meaty bones diet. The majority of commercial pet food remains in the hands of global monolithic corporations. As individuals we can make a difference but concerted efforts have to be made to reach out to entities such as disillusioned veterinarians, politicians and perhaps even human doctors in order to drive change. Lonsdale encourages the use of whistleblowers to infiltrate the junk pet food producers to provide further evidence of the systemic corruption.

    Pets cannot speak. They cannot make decisions. We must speak out for them because no one else will. If you want to change your pet’s diet for the better, become motivated and make change, read this important book.

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    Pet food fraud

    Posted by Paula Mitchell on 3rd Aug 2023

    Interesting information. I wish there were some recipes but it was still helpful for designing a diet

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    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Aug 2023

    All true, real food is best for the dogs and cats,many of adetives and chemicals cause cancers

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    Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight

    Posted by Seamonstar on 25th Jun 2023

    Championing the great health of domestic pets

    Reviewed in Australia on 9 June 2023

    Multi-Billion Dollar Pet Food Fraud is eye-opening. Veterinarian surgeon, Dr Tom Lonsdale, has uncovered a secret or two about what we are feeding our domestic pets and why you need to change your pet's diets today. This book should be frontline news on every news outlet.

    I highly recommend listening to the audiobook version, self-narrated by Doctor Lonsdale himself. He delivers a compelling narration, full of emotion and information that will have you lining up to help him on his quest to expose the multi-billion dollar pet food fraud hiding in plain sight.

    Thank you for your important work Dr. Lonsdale.

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    Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight

    Posted by Jason Grubisic on 25th Jun 2023

    Bravo, take a bow. What a masterpiece!
    Reviewed in Australia on 2 May 2023

    I absolutely loved the new book Tom. It’s concise, clear, provocative, instructive and cleverly written. A true testament to someone who has dedicated 30 years of their life researching and working tirelessly for such an important cause.

    The argument you put forth about the unmistakable need for change is logical and straightforward, covering all the societal problems that we are facing. The testimonies were wonderful to read, they backed up your knowing and demonstrated exactly why we should be feeding our dogs a RMB diet. The book is educational, informative and very helpful in providing solutions.

    Your suggestions on how we can move forward and undo the pain and suffering caused to our pets is very pragmatic and rational.

    You came across very stern and unforgiving to the criminals at the top of this pyramid scheme and rightly so. However ,I appreciated that you showed that you were aware and empathise with human imperfections that allow for this foolishness to exist and how the vets, and public, are duped.

    Your mention of some of the obstacles that will arise and how to overcome them was clever. You are able to outline the steps and ways to disrupt and deal with the criminals that aren’t facing the consequences of their deceitful actions.

    Thanks for being you Mr Lonsdale. It’s been a pleasure to listen and watch your adventure from the back seat and behind the scenes.

    I pray that you receive the recognition that you rightly deserve. This book is a reflection of a great human being that walks upon our earth. Your resolve, determination and dedication to improve the quality of everyone’s pets is second to none.

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    Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight

    Posted by on 25th Jun 2023

    Review of Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud
    Post by Hazel Mae Bagarinao » 21 Jun 2023, 18:01

    [Following is an official review of "Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud" by Dr Tom Lonsdale.]
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    5 out of 5 stars
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    Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud by Dr. Tom Lonsdale is the author’s campaign for pet health and diet. Part one of the book is a memoir, and the rest is a textbook about the author’s criticism of junk pet food and animal care.

    Dr. Lonsdale encourages pet owners to avoid feeding their pets processed foods and instead switch them to raw, meaty bones. He discussed the implications of commercial diets for cats and dogs and shared the benefits of raw pet foods. The book contains discussions like the negative effects of canned and dry pet foods and the right pet care. There are also testimonies from different pet owners on how raw, meaty bones save their pets from illness. The author also shared back-and-forth letters with different prospects concerning raw food diets. Dr. Lonsdale also uncovers the rising pet food industries that sell processed pet foods across the globe.

    I admire the author’s bravery in speaking the essential truths about junk pet food and animal welfare. Dr. Lonsdale’s concern for pets’ health and diet is transparent in this book, as he wants the best for pets. Evidence supports his strong opinions. I saw it in the healthy pictures of his cat and dogs on the last pages of the book. By feeding them raw, meaty bones, their health improves, and they are free from periodontal disease, bad breath, and other health issues.

    Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud: Hiding in Plain Sight is a follow-up to the author's previous book, Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health.

    What makes me comfortable with this book is its approachable format and readability. The book has excellent editing as well. The additional drawings and photographs add more vibrancy to the book.

    I have only one dislike for this book: the black lines that appeared in Appendix E, which covered some sentences. But this one minor issue doesn’t diminish the significance of the book. Thus, I happily award the book 5 out of 5 stars. My comfortable experience made it achieve the highest rating. In conclusion, the book is an exceptional resource for veterinarians, pet owners, and animal advocates.

    Multi-Billion-Dollar Pet Food Fraud
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    Binge on Raw Feeding & Transform Your Pet's Life

    Posted by Maria Kuljanic on 19th Jun 2023

    This book will change the way you think about real food versus processed food. A definite must-read about the junk food vets and their treatments!