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Sean McMurray and Bonnie Gutzwiler
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30 min
Healthy Dog LLC Productions
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These two canine sports use your dog’s natural abilities and innately rewarding behavior to train valuable skills. This DVD demonstrates all the training steps for success in scent work competitions and barn hunt using a variety of breeds. The Information is valuable for pet dog owners and professional trainers to train these 2 newest sports for scent discrimination and Barn Hunt. This DVD was recorded at Camp Gone to the Dogs in Marlboro, VT. You and your dog will love learning Scent Fun and Barn Hunt whether for competition of just for fun!

Sean McMurray – Scent Fun
Sean has been a professional dog trainer since 1990 and instructs classes at Leslie Nelson’s tails-U-Win! training center in Manchester, CT where he was responsible for creating and coordinating the scent fun program. Sean is an approved United States Canine Scent Sports CSD Judge and has been instrumental in helping USCSS (US Canine Scent Sports) expand trials on the East Coast. He has Competed with his own dogs in both competition obedience and lure coursing and has been on staff of Camp Gone to the Dogs since 1992. He shares his life with his wife, their five children and three dogs: a Whippet, Portuguese Water Dog and Silken Windhound.

Bonnie Gutzwiler – Barn Hunt
Bonnie competes in Obedience, Rally, Scent Detection, Dock Diving, Weight Pull, Lure Coursing, Personal Protection, and Conformation with her dogs. She started Hide and Squeak Barn Hunt Club; over 150 dedicated students, often traveling together to trials in groups to cheer each other on. Bonnie trials her own dogs almost every weekend and has titles several to the highest levels, earning multiple High In Class awards. When Bonnie is not competing, she’s judging! Bonnie loves Barn Hunt because it gives the dogs an opportunity to work and have fun independently and builds their confidence. She lives on a small farm where she has horses, goats, chickens and donkeys.

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