Teach the Leash: Loose Leash Walking - Streaming Video on Demand

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Pamela Dennison
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80 Minutes
Shadow Publishing
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Has walking your dog become a nightmare? Does it resemble a game of tug of war? Are you desperate for answers? 

In just a few days, you can transform your leash walking frustrations into a serene walk in the park. Loose leash walking is the bane of many owner’s experiences with their dog. The same goes for professionals who work with these dogs. It’s frustrating, and can even be dangerous. It is such a serious problem, causing many owners to give up and relinquish their dogs to shelters. 

The reason that owners struggle is because loose leash walking is not a simple behavior, nor is it a single one. There is a dynamic of multiple behaviors going on, and those need to be understood and practiced before the dog will willingly walk on a loose leash. 

If you’re a trainer or owner who struggles with dogs pulling on leash, you know that some dogs make it an art form. To that end, many “tools” have been marketed to “fix” the problem – prong collars, choke collars, head halters, and more. But hiding the problem behind a tool doesn’t solve the problem. Let’s end the struggle together! 

This video will show you how to train dogs to walk nicely on a leash without any tools other than a relationship, some food, toys and play. 

Perfect for all level trainers, dog walkers, pet sitters, vet staff, and of course – pet owners!

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