The Shelter Rescue Series Dvds 1-5

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Sue Sternberg
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The Shelter Rescue Series DVDs 1-5 are ideal when viewed in sequence and essential for teaching staff, volunteers and trainers to learn how to safely handle, read body language, assess and train dogs for successful adoptions.

The Shelter Rescue Series includes:

DVD 1: Yowser!: A Guide To Dafe Handling Techniques

Don't get bitten!
Watch and learn safe handling techniques demonstrated on shelter dogs. Learn to recognize fearful and offensive aggression, spot subtle body language and quickly assess which dogs are safe to handle and which are not.
Ideal for teaching shelter and dog daycare staff and volunteers as well as professional trainers how to read dogs better and avoid getting bitten.
© 2000 Sue Sternberg Running time: 17 minutes $14.95

DVD 2: The Bite-O-Meter: Understanding Body Language and Facial Expressions in Dogs

Learn to see the signals before the bite
In order to live with, work with and safely handle dogs you must be able to read their body language and facial expressions. This video will take you step-by-step through the process of interpreting the often complex and subtle signals dogs use to communicate their emotional state.
Aggressive dogs tell us they are going to bite long before they growl, snarl or bite. Develop and hone your skills by viewing extensive footage of actual shelter dogs as they are being handled. This video was filmed at a workshop given by Sue Sternberg, one of the country's leading experts on dog behavior.
© 2004 Sue Sternberg Running time: 39 minutes $19.95

DVD 3: Understanding Sociability: A Guide to the Foundation of Sue Sternberg's Assess-A-Pet Temperament Test

Sociable? Or NOT!
Sociability is a key predictor of a dog's potential for aggression. Sue Sternberg's Assess-A-Pet Temperament Test is a humane and effective method for reading sociability and aggression in dogs. This is an essential tool for determining which dogs are safe and appropriate for adoption.
This program is a step-by-step guide to understanding canine sociability and is illustrated with extensive footage of Sue's temperament test in action.
© 2007 Sue Sternberg Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes $19.95

DVD 4: Train to Adopt: Humane Guidelines and a Training Program for Dogs in Shelters

Enhancing mental health and adoptability for dog in shelters
Disc 1: Humane guidelines. A guide for shelters to improve, maintain and assess the quality of life for the dogs in their care. Includes extensive footage of dogs in shelter environments, identifying and explaining behaviors that can indicate a "quality of life" emergency and offering standards and steps for maintaining the mental health for dog in shelters.
Disc 2: Training Program. Step-by-step techniques for training dogs in basic manners and behavior control, such as doorway manners, appropriate food bowl behaviors, meeting and greeting and many other training exercises. Through video footage and written narrative this DVD demonstrates the Train to Adopt program and shows how it is designed to provide positive, healthy stimulation for dogs in the shelter setting while they learned behaviors which will enhance their adoptability.
© 2011 Sue Sternberg 2-DVD set. Running times - Disc 1: 23 Minutes - Disc 2: 45 minutes $24.95

DVD 5: Assessing Dog to Dog Interactions

On leash or off leash Are these dogs safe together?
When dogs meet they communicate with each other with their body language. Through video clips and written narrative learn how to evaluate interactions between dogs and how to identify least risky and most risky behaviors. Includes a step-by-step on-leash assessment procedure to help determine whether a dog is safe around other dogs. Illustrated with examples of on-leash and off-leash interactions. This information is a must for animal shelter staff, dog day care staff, dog trainers, as well as pet owners who want to prepare for dog-to-dog encounters on the street and in the dog park.
© 2009 Sue Sternberg Running time: 51 minutes $19.95

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    Shelter Rescue Series DVDs

    Posted by shelter volunteer on 7th Jan 2023

    I have such mixed feeling about this purchase. I am grateful to know more about Sue Sternberg's thinking on safety and assessments in shelters, and there is great footage of dog body language with clear, helpful commentary. I was hoping these might be a good resource for staff and volunteers at the shelter where I volunteer. But the combination of dated lo-fi video, dated DVD format, and demos that really stress the dogs out, sometimes in prolonged ways, in order to illustrate things, would make them a no-go for that from my view. I would have totally thought it was worth it if I had paid $40 for the set....but with these issues, for me, the price does not fit.