Heal: The Vital Role Of Dogs In The Search for Cancer Cures

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veterinary scientists and the author's own personal reflections of her sister's gastric malignancy. In a time when cancer research dollars are in decline
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Arlene Weintraub
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ECW Press
Drawn from extensive research, on-the-ground reporting, and personal experience, this book explores the fascinating role dogs are playing in the search for cures for cancer. Learn how veterinarians and oncologists are working together to discover new treatments cutting-edge therapies designed to help both dogs and people suffering from cancer.

Heal introduces readers to the field of comparative oncology by describing several research projects aimed at finding new therapies for cancers that are similar in dogs and people, including lymphoma, osteosarcoma, breast cancer, melanoma, and gastric cancer. Weintraub, who lost her sister to gastric cancer, also writes about the emerging science behind the remarkable ability of dogs to sniff out early stage cancer and the efforts underway to translate that talent into diagnostic devices for early detection of the disease. In the course of bringing these dogs and their human companions to life, Weintraub takes her own personal journey from grief to healing, as she shows her readers how man's best friend might be the key to unlocking the mysteries of cancer.

What experts are saying about Heal:
Heal is a very easy read of a complex problem: cancer, and how pet animal cancer can help solve cancer in all species. It contains an interwoven mix of stories from pet owners, veterinary scientists and the author's own personal reflections of her sister's gastric malignancy. In a time when cancer research dollars are in decline, it seems timely to consider a real life cancer model in pet animals to test new agents, devices and techniques.
Stephen Withrow, Founder and Associate Director of the Colorado State University Flint Animal Cancer Center

Beautifully written and superbly researched, Heal makes a compelling case for increased collaboration between the human and veterinary medical fields. Engaging and emotional, Heal is an important book for scientists, animal lovers and anyone interested in the vulnerabilities we humans share with animals.
Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, MD and Kathryn Bowers, co-authors of Zoobiquity

Heal is a fantastic read for anyone that loves dogs (and cats) and has wondered what role animals should play in cancer research. Heal chronicles translational research in a way that is informative, understandable and heartwarming, making us cheer for cancer patients and the veterinarians that care for them. An Emperor of All Maladies for dog lovers, this book distills the science of cancer research down to the compassion and love for animals that drive us to find better cancer treatments for animals and their humans. Heal explores our symbiotic relationship with the pets that we share our homes, our beds, our cancers and, hopefully, our cures with.
Dr. Sarah Boston, Veterinary Surgical Oncologist and Bestselling Author of Lucky Dog: How Being a Veterinarian Saved my Life

Arlene Weintraub has written about science and health for the New York Times, More, New Scientist, and other publications. She was previously a science writer at BusinessWeek and is the author of Selling the Fountain of Youth: How the Anti-Aging Industry Made a Disease Out of Getting Old and Made Billions. She lives in the New York City area.